Imagine if you could know the career of a 4-year old kid (teenager or youth as well) some 20-30 years in advance, professionally and scientifically, without the usual “naked eye” guesswork.

Imagine if adults who dropped out of school due to factors not related to their intelligence ( e.g fees, sickness, bereavement, etc.) are assessed , their true potentials unearthed and put on beneficial natural Talent Based Learning or entrepreneurial or business opportunities .

How much can you imagine will be saved and how much shall be reaped if we had a means to do this?

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"No one respects a talent that is concealed."

- Desiderius Erasmus

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Through our Anthropo-Biometric Methods we are able to help individuals discover their natural talents hence mapping out careers in advance.


There are three steps for admission under the Talent Based Learning Model.

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Talent Based Learning requires determination of the “Talent Genre”, within a “Talent Domain”.

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Under Talent Based Learning, Credits are transferable to traditional academic systems

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Key Features of TBL