Discover your Talent

Discover your Talent

Discover your talent

Our Focus

Relevance & Uniqueness

Talent Based Learning (TBL) is significantly different from Academic Learning in which access to education is based on grades and the end product is also grades! TBL is based on the concept of “there must be a professional medical assessment before prescription”.

Assessments & Examinations

An examination (hereinafter, exam) is a form of assessment of learning outcomes. Learning outcomes are assessed on the basis of usually a 6-grade assessment system. All subjects of theoretical nature end with exams. All exams include a written part, except where this is not possible due to the specific nature of the area of specialization.

Admission & Learning

Through Inherent potentials unveiled through Gift and Talent Testing Whereas most institutions attach a lot of significance to grades on papers earned through qualifications, we consider grades as just mere guides. We already know that grades can be very misleading as many candidates are affected by many factors before or during examinations, and these have nothing to do with inherent ability of candidates.

Grading & Certifications

Grading & Certifications

What we Offer

Assessment of Gifts & Talents

There are “Standard and Ad­vanced” test kits used to find out the ‘symptoms’ then pre liminary tests are taken before making ‘confirmatory’ tests.

Academic Clinics

In the process of Talent Based Learning, there will be need for additional skills and knowledge that may be obtained from traditional academic learning units or life experiences

Learning Prescriptions

Learning Prescriptions are outcomes of a Gift and Talent Testing process in which items of learning are deciphered into skills-based, enrichment and talent development programmes. It is like a doctor’s prescription after a medical assessment.

Work/Life Experience Evaluation and Accreditation

This involves an evaluation process and the required fee for the recommended course.

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