Many people are used to the concept of “Fees Structure”, for the course they desire. Accordingly, we do expect and do also receive a lot of inquiries relating to fees.

Our concept, though, is different. We take the route usually used by hospitals. You are assessed and then a prescription is issued. It is the prescription that will tell us your specific needs and hence individual cost of the needs to develop your talent or achieve credits.

For example:You cannot walk to a hospital and demand or wish to know the cost of treatment even before seeing the nurse or doctor. You must go through all the processes and come out with a prescription which will tell you what is required and hence the costs.

Our Talent Based Learning and Credit Transfer systems are pretty the same. We usually assess you for your natural talent then a Talent Report is produced followed by a Talent /Learning Prescription.

The Talent / Learning Prescription will have a host of “Talent Genre Tasks “ that will be covered over a period of time , to enable development of your unique talent, and will have individual costs. This is generally similar to medical reports that you would take to a pharmacy for you to know the cost of treatment.

On the part of Credit Transfer, you will be evaluated for your Prior Qualifications, Life/ Work Experience or Inherent Talents and a “Portfolio Report “ is produced which has a litany of modules exempted and remaining ones to cover. It will also have the cost(s) of the module(s) or task(s). It will also have Credit Transfer Fees for different course specialties and university “tiers” or “profile ranking”.

Thus, in summary, we don’t have Fees Structures, as our system focuses on your individual needs and not group needs like the case in academics where one coat fits everyone (irrespective of gender, size , etc). The final prescriptions, after assessments or evaluations, will have them and you will receive them at the end of assessments or evaluations.

Finally, the costs for developing countries have been subsidized heavily to enable them have access to these programs. Check out the latest from your centre.